Our patentend security systems guarantees that the contents of a CertiCard® casing cannot be replaced or the casing reused, or its data altered without detection.

Our products can be customized with different types of security


Our casing has a security film, printed with luminescent graphic patterns invisible in daylight, but detectable under a Wood’s lamp. The presence of this graphic pattern when viewed using a Wood’s lamp confirms that the product is a genuine CertiCard® protective casing and not a normal unprotected blister. Should there be an attempt to tamper with the CertiCard®, the appearance of the security film will change

Cryptoprint® security system

The Cryptoprint® security system, is a special inking between the two elements of BarCard®, which allows greater control of its integrity.

When the BarCard® is opened an invalidation warning will be displayed (SAFETY SEAL ANNULLED) on the internal surface of the lodging card and the seal card. Undetected reuse or reassembly of the package will not be possible


Certieye™ is a new and unique tamper evident security label which permits to check the authentication of an item in real time


Graphic services

Certiline creates customized Art-works according to Client’s requirements or suggests self-made graphic proposals, both with exclusive security printing skills, each time tailoring a ideal presentation in graphic Italian style. The arrangement of Art-works and the subsequent mass-duplication of CertiCard are carried out  in a totally autonomous plant, with no recourse to external graphic services . Duplication is effected on graphic machinery non available on the market, designed and built by Certiline to produce uncopiability of all printers matters Certiline delivers to Customers. Also inks are very often produced by Certiline when they enter to form the Cryptoprint system. The printing security is got from the uniqueness of almost all the raw materials and printing techniques.