Since 1989, Certiline has used its experience in the chemical and graphic industries to develop products, which allow our customers to ensure the origin, declared by the certifiers, of their goods.

Our high-tech products protect goods from tampering activities, making apparent any forgery and counterfeiting attempts.

Our company, and its team of graphic designers, printers and engineers are committed to maintaining a high quality product through an ongoing process of research and development.
Certiline designs and builds manual, semiautomatic and automatic equipment, which allows our customers to seal valuable items at their own premises.

With our service Certiline can support its customers, from graphic design to the final product. The passion and flexibility that has always characterized Certiline, allows us to develop, design and test, personalized applications for our clients, providing ideal solutions to your specific needs.

We totally care about the precious item that, once chosen and certified, has to healthy arrive to the final user with the warranty that it is the same item put by the certifier into our CertiCard® our main product apt to guarantee the origin of the content. Worldwide in the precious market we offer to our customers a niche of safety and guarantee to preserve their items by means of a product which protects, maintains and increases the value of the same item.

Our clients

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