Security Systems

Certiline products provides security and anti-counterfeiting systems

Add value

CertiCard® security case, is the best way to add value to your products!

Environment Friendly

CertiCard® security case, is made of durable, highly transparent and recyclables polyester, it is able to protect it content against any kind of oxidation.

Our Markets

In the world market for gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, palladium, diamonds, gems and coins,Certiline products allow you to check immediately any attempt of tampering

In the food markets, Certiline products allow traceability and certification of food and its origin, using specially designed non-toxic seals.
In the clothing markets the use of our products guarantee the declared origin of each single item from the factory through the distribution system.


Certieye™ is a new and unique tamper evident security label which permits to check the authentication of an item in real time. It guarantees the highest level available against any possible counterfeiting, by using the App Certieye™ and a smarthphone. Certieye™ is irremovable, it can’t be copied, has unique serial number, it gives immediate response if the product is original or fake.

Let your preciousness be clearly identified

Certieye™ IN SIX POINT

  • Identifies in a unique way each single Certieye TM mark

  • It includes a multilayers security system with 10 different patented technologies anti-counterfeiting

  • 3 It cannot be copied / scanned / reprinted

  • In case of legal dispute Certieye TM and its reports constitutes a valid test which can be used in each Court

  • Automatic alert e-mails will be immediately sent to the customer in case of counterfeited scans

  • Permits to the brand owner (optionally) the geolocalization of each single CertieyeTM scanned


For that extra peace of mind, each case bears a security mark which can be easily authenticated by downloading the Certieye app on your smartphone

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