CertiMark® seal

CertiMark® seals consist of a starchy substrate combined with an inking multilayer on which the numbering and graphic customisation are impressed.

The seal has a silicon paper backing, which should be removed, and a non-toxic adhesive mesh. This version allows easy application on freshly slaughtered meat with minimal residual moisture. The subsequent stage in the refrigerated cell increases its irremovability.

CertiMark® seal cannot be transferred intact from one piece of meat to another and therefore exclude the possibility of re-use, preventing fraudulent manipulation.


CertiMark® seals are available in various sizes.

All are provided in cards with matching numbers, each one a distinct unit.
There is a set of labels with matching numbers for each individual animal.
The composition of each card is arranged and customised according to the customer’s requests, to suit production

The seals provide a secure link between the anatomical cuts and the butchered animal, thanks to the correspondence of the alphanumeric code printed on the seals affixed to the two halves with the one displayed on the certificate issued by the slaughterhouse or other certification bodies.

how does the CertiMark® work?


Seal intact e seal broken, before and after

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