CertiClip® for food

CertiClip®, is an anti-counterfeiting seal conceived for the authentication of trademark on foods (expecially ham and sausages) and for the safe identification under distribution.

Instruction For Use

The colour trademark representation is imprinted on the white security area, which is underneath the transparent window. At any attempt of separating CertiClip® from the original article, to which it irreversibly locks by means of a hook, the special Cryptoprint® security system displays a warning message with the laceration of the trademark representation.
Furthermore each exemplar of CertiClip® is distinguished by an progressive number.

What are the security systems of the CertiClip® ?


The Cryptoprint® security system, is a special inking between the two elements of CertiClip®, which allows greater control of its integrity.

When the CertiClip® is opened an invalidation warning will be displayed (NO) on the internal surface of the lodging card and the seal card. Undetected reuse or reassembly of the package will not be possible.

how does the CertiCard® work?


Seal before and after opened