RingCard® 85,6×54 mm

RingCard® is the ideal means of certification by Gemological Companies. It consists of a set of two or more elements to be sealed after assembling the set to contain the stone and its certificate, thus barring any attempted replacement of its contents.

There are different multiple versions which may differ for model, personalisation, anticounterfeiting protection, to lodge from a single stone up to a maximum of three. Otherwise a loose stone and its pertinent certificate afford as such no objective necessary evidence of  reciprocal correspondence since both the original stone and the certificate can be easily substituted or tampered with. It is only CertiCard® that provides the bi-univocal connection of the diamond with its certificate over the time. The purpose of RingCard® is to make it doubtlessly certain that the contained stone is the one actually reported in the certificate.

Security Systems
  • Cryproprint®
  • TP1
  • TP2
  • TP3


Security Systems
  • Cryproprint®

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